This website is the personal outlet for me—Jens Bjerrehuus. I’m a software developer and have been for the last sixteen years. Apart from a great interest in programming languages I’ve also developed an interest in web design and web development, which is probably why the site design here changes almost as often as the content.

The Site

The site is run by the ExpressionEngine content management system. This is a very flexible and feature rich content management system that among other things allow me to run both this website and my dads website on the same installation.

Josef Müller-Brockmann

The site design is inspired in large part by the “Der Film” poster by Josef Müller-Brockmann and by the thoughts on grid systems from that time period.

I love Helvetica

This is of course the reason the preferred font for this design is Helvetica. This is fine on the Mac where I’m at, but not so much on Windows. Arial is therefore specified as a secondary font.

The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard

The textsize is mostly left under your control. I’ve left the text size for the main body text unspecified. This means the text should display in the size you’ve chosen as the standard in your browser. The only changes that I’ve made to text size is that headlines are scaled down to the same size as the body text because they already stand out by being in the left column. The incidental text in the right column is also scaled down slightly from the size of the main body text to underline its incidental nature.

Web Standards

W3C defines the standards and I try to follow them. This site is made up of HTML 4.01 and CSS Level 2 Revision 1.

The content

The text and the source (i.e. the HTML and the CSS) is under a Creative Commons license.

This means you are allowed to copy the source and reuse it on your own site. I would of course like it if you would refrain from using the design wholesale.

The photo in the site header is licensed from the iStockphoto™ stock photo collection and can therefore not be copied and used elsewhere.